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2017-08-12 18:00:18 by AndoGDTunes

Hi everyone.

So, I've got something I need help on.

My songs aren't working in GD...

Can anyone help???

oh, and btw, this is the cover for Emotions EP6431548_150257514492_EmotionsEPcover.jpg

made it in, like, 20 seconds, maybe?


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2017-08-12 19:10:42

So ever since the "Newgrounds War", Robtop has made it so new artists can only have their music in GD if he accepts their account. This is because during the NG war, ppl were putting copyrighted music in GD and almost got GD removed from App Store. So u gotta have ur account accepted by Robtop...

AndoGDTunes responds:

how do I do that?


2017-08-13 12:50:50

Idk... if I knew I would do it myself. I've just gotta get rob to notice ur NG acc and he will accept probably... I recommend getting a mod to ask for u, so rob will see

AndoGDTunes responds:

k thx