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what to expect for a while

2017-11-12 20:22:45 by AndoGDTunes

Just a heads up post:

Guys, I'm going through this phase in my music where I absolutely LOVE putting smooth electric guitars in EDM.

Just so y'all know, that's what I'm going to do for a while, most likely.

I'm thinking, "Why did Illenium and Infinity do it so well???"


30 fans, y'all!

2017-11-11 08:03:15 by AndoGDTunes

guys, it hasn't even been 6 months, and I already have 30 fans!!!

Y'all have been so supportive of me and my music these past 6 months, and I'm really grateful for the advice and inspiration you guys have given me.

Thanks to (not in any particular order): @8bitfudge, @alexxtreme369, @Bhopping, @botnot435, @CatOfSnow, @CoolNinjaT2MNTfan, @Croude, @DemonicNobility, @DJRadiocutter, @DJStormblastXL, @Halo-Halo, @I-KYRO-I,

@I0TA, @Infinityofficial, @KungFuSpaceBarbarian, @L3kkaDebstup, @mrbadazz, @ninjatrey06, @OfficiallySKYE, @RemileOduen, @ShadowShinobiTunes (AKA SHURIK3N - you're welcome my friend), @Skiddle, @SkuttenGamerGD, @SoundUnity, @SpectrumOfficial, @theawesomeguy3000, @TheMajician, @thVTA, @WeAreOne16 (the time for vocals is near...), and last but definitely not least, @X3-P1k4ZX-GD

Also, a fun fact about my Sad Machine remix!

I actually haven't listened to the original before...

Thank y'all so much!



2017-11-07 20:43:22 by AndoGDTunes

you wanted news?

well, here's some news!

Until I get a microphone (Christmas...soon....), I'm going to make some cool stuff that I haven't done successfully before.

Visions EP is underway!



2017-11-06 20:40:02 by AndoGDTunes

Alright, another name change is imminent...

The official new name is ALISTIC.

All caps.

Like it? I'll change it on SoundCloud in a minute, and I'll change it here when I become a supporter.

that's all, guys!



2017-11-04 13:33:37 by AndoGDTunes

guys, huge news!

I just made a Soundcloud account!!!!

do not fret, people of NG! This site will still be my home base, but I will upload my best tracks to Soundcloud.

here's the link:

also, I made a hot new logo! yeah! for the win!




2017-11-03 21:23:09 by AndoGDTunes

So, how's everyone doing in the DUBSTEP WARS?

I'm doing fine, thanks for asking 8)

Also, shoutout to ShadowShinobiTunes! he's a cool dude that has yet to contribute to NG...

Also also, I'm hoping to become a supporter soon, and then I will truly become!!

that's all!


ayyyyyy 20 FANS!!!!! also, check up time! and a question as well!

2017-10-24 17:02:09 by AndoGDTunes

yeah!!!! 20 fans!!!

Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the last 5 and a half-ish months!!!


And with that, it's time for feedback!

I'm going to ask questions, and you can answer! just number your answers based on the questions so I know which one you're answering.

alright, let's go!

1. How's my mixing overall?

2. Are the quality of my songs good?

3. Am I progressing fast for only having done this for about 5 months?

4. Do you guys have any recommendations for software/hardware?

5. How am I doing overall? answer from 1 to 10, and you can use decimals

thanks guys!

EDIT: I may be becoming a supporter in the future, since this site is so great, and the community is great, and the beats are great as well!

With that, I may change my name, because I want to break away from the GD crowd.

Options I have come up with so far (will be updated):


2. TWPOfficial


personally, I like the most, but tell me what you think!

that is all,


CITS has begun!!!!

2017-10-13 08:21:53 by AndoGDTunes


the first four songs for City in the Sky are out!!!


i hope y'all like them! more will be coming soon....

also, it's Friday the Thirteenth.... :O


CITS Update...Again!

2017-09-30 09:14:35 by AndoGDTunes

I have just finished the third song!!!!!!!

It's very spooky...

I took full advantage of my skill in ambient-ness and put all of it into that song...

whew, I'm tired...

The album (yes its an album deal with it) is very good and quirky, it's almost nothing like the normal stuff i do. I'm really excited to share it with y'all!

I just have to do like nine more songs or so...

anyways, keep waiting!

It'll be here soon enough, and I'll post some stuff in between in my spare time.



CITS Update

2017-09-26 18:27:22 by AndoGDTunes




Here are two ideas for covers that i made. tell me which one y'all prefer. personally, I like the second more.

But you guys can choose your favorite!

Also, I have officially finished the second song. now I only have 10 or so left...bleh...