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hey, is that a new logo?

2017-10-15 15:37:43 by AndoGDTunes

Why yes, subject bar, yes it is!

That's right, peeps! I made myself a sweet new logo!

eeee I love it...


CITS has begun!!!!

2017-10-13 08:21:53 by AndoGDTunes


the first four songs for City in the Sky are out!!!


i hope y'all like them! more will be coming soon....

also, it's Friday the Thirteenth.... :O


CITS Update...Again!

2017-09-30 09:14:35 by AndoGDTunes

I have just finished the third song!!!!!!!

It's very spooky...

I took full advantage of my skill in ambient-ness and put all of it into that song...

whew, I'm tired...

The album (yes its an album deal with it) is very good and quirky, it's almost nothing like the normal stuff i do. I'm really excited to share it with y'all!

I just have to do like nine more songs or so...

anyways, keep waiting!

It'll be here soon enough, and I'll post some stuff in between in my spare time.



CITS Update

2017-09-26 18:27:22 by AndoGDTunes




Here are two ideas for covers that i made. tell me which one y'all prefer. personally, I like the second more.

But you guys can choose your favorite!

Also, I have officially finished the second song. now I only have 10 or so left...bleh...



So, I've got ten fans! yay!

Thanks to all of you guys!

it's my first milestone!

And speaking of the number one...

I got the stems for We Are Number One, and I'm gonna remix it soon...


anyways, thanks!



2017-09-21 08:34:38 by AndoGDTunes


So, the story is getting really long, so the City in the Sky EP is no longer going to be an EP.


The songs are turning out really well so far, and I'm hyped to share them.

*at the time I'm writing this, though, only one is finished*

so yeah, keep waiting mwahahahahhaha



2017-09-14 18:40:12 by AndoGDTunes


Here's some news!

City in the Sky EP is in progress, and I'm writing a story for the description, so please check out the songs from bottom to top if you want to enjoy the story wholly.

(BTW it's a really good story in my opinion so get ready)

Most of it will sound a little background-music-y, so, uh, yeah...

I want to include at least one track that's not, though.

Best wishes...


Shining Emotion

2017-09-02 13:23:28 by AndoGDTunes


Yep, that's right.

Shining Emotion is out!!!!!

I loved making this one, and I hope you enjoy listening to it!




2017-08-26 08:16:50 by AndoGDTunes

hello there people of teh human race...

school has started, so I probably wont be as productive as i was this summer...


I will still try to make songs if my homework load allows me to do so.

Also, I'm working on some real good tracks for y'all!

Git yoself ready,



2017-08-21 08:15:40 by AndoGDTunes


I've been working on some important junk, so lets start.

Subject 1: still no plugins. but who needs them? not me.

Subject 2: this is pretty exciting... Voice Modulation!!!!! as you heard in DDFYT, I can take a voice recording and edit it a ton (though im still a noob at it), all without downloading any external software!! Now THAT'S what I call a good DAW!

Subject 3: this is even more exciting... MASTERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, you heard right, I have a basic understanding of mastering and what it does. And the best part is... I can do that with no external hard-or-software!!!!!!

So yeah, it's not much, but I'll keep on truckin'

Also, I'd like to thank all of you who have supported me and guided me over these two months...wait... TWO MONTHS??? yes, I've only been in the NG party for two months, but it seems like forever...

But seriously, thanks everyone who has supported me thus far! I've got my life ahead of me and y'all made an amazing foundation!

Thank you so much!